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Daylight Savings: Falling back with your baby's sleep!

The time change can feel so daunting, especially when you just got your little one into a good sleep routine.

It can feel even more overwhelming if you’re struggling with sleep already. Despite all the anxiety the time

change can cause, I encourage you to give yourself some grace! You and your little one will be back on

track in no time. Whether you’re looking to prepare in advance or you’re scrambling because you totally

forgot, here are a few options for adjusting your little one’s schedule to get their routine back on track.

Prepare in Advance

If you’re on the ball and always one step ahead, this method may be for you! I also suggest preparing in

advance and doing a gradual shift if your little one struggles with change.

With this method, I suggest adjusting the schedule ever so slightly, the Monday before the time change.

Each day, push naps and bedtime back by 10 minutes. By Sunday, your baby will be back to their usual

schedule, despite the time change!

During this week, if you baby happens to sleep a little bit longer for their naps, use it to your advantage!

Push the rest of their schedule back by the amount they overslept!

The Night Before

If you’re just remembering, don’t worry! Push bedtime later by 30 minutes on Saturday and keep your little

one in their bed as close to the desired wake time (according to the new time on the clock) as possible on

Sunday. Continue the day, Sunday, on their usual daytime schedule, based on the new time on the clock!

This method will work best for a toddler or a baby that is very adaptable and can adjust quite easily. If your

little one has a tough time adjusting, you may want to slowly adjust their schedules in the days after the

time change.

Winging It

Whether you prefer to go with the flow or totally forgot, you and your little one will get back on track, I

promise! Keep your baby in their bed as close to their desired wake time as possible on Sunday and

continue with their daytime schedule from there (following their usual wake windows). Do the same on

Monday and the coming days, until they are on their usual daytime schedule!

Regardless of how your family deals with the time change, it will be extra important to ensure that your

little one’s room is as dark as possible. The sun will be shining earlier and is very stimulating for a little

brain, so it’ll be even more important to block out that morning light!

If your toddler uses an okay-to-wake clock or a hatch light, don’t forget to adjust the timing for the light! If

you don’t use one yet, it might be a good time to start!

Whether you plan in advance or are scrambling to pick up the pieces after the time change, just remember,

you will get through it! This too shall pass and your little one will be back to their usual schedule in no

time. Be sure to stay consistent and give yourself and your baby some grace as you adjust. If you are

struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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