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Brittany Kearns


If you’re visiting this page, you are probably exhausted, maybe overwhelmed or just looking to implement a solid schedule into your daily routine for your little one.  I can assure  you that you are in the right place and I have been where you are with my own daughter.  When you are searching for sleep guidance, you want to make sure the methods and philosophies  of your  sleep coach are in line with your expectations and values as a parent.  It's so important to have trust in someone who is providing  information and support for your child.  Hopefully, by sharing a little bit about my family’s sleep training experience, you will feel more comfortable to move through the process of finding restful slumbers for you and your family. 


Ann Louise Hedger


We are so excited to welcome Ann Louise to our team of sleep specialists.  Ann Louise has experience practicing as a birth doula, and in-home postpartum support.  Ann Louise has a passion for postpartum night support - allowing you to sleep, while gently caring and supporting your baby as needed.  Ann Louise can help you in the early stages with breast/bottle feeding, bathing and sleeping,  as well as breast/bottle weaning, sleep coaching and developing a bedtime routine during the later stages.  Ann Louise also offers infant massage, Reflexology & Reiki.  She is a  parent's dream come true!  For more information on Ann Louise’s services and collaboration with The Slumber Nest book your free consultation today!

My Philosophy


My husband and I have been together for a whole decade.  It seems crazy looking back, not knowing where things would take us.  I was a Registered Dental Hygienist, and Tyler worked in oil and gas. We thought we would get married and immediately have kids.  Easy peasy!....But nope - life had other plans.  We ended up struggling with infertility for four years before conceiving our little girl, Romy, via IVF. Experiencing infertility is an emotional and painful rollercoaster, and if you’ve been there before - you know.  After preparing for a child for four years, we thought we had everything figured out when we finally had our sweet baby girl in our arms.  Boy, were we wrong! The unconditional love and happiness comes naturally, but I don’t think anything can prepare you for the  postpartum exhaustion and stress that no one really talks about with a newborn. I had completed prenatal courses and newborn classes but it just wasn’t enough.  We struggled with breastfeeding, long nights, nap times, and more.  We finally realized, we just weren't ourselves anymore and needed sleep guidance and support.  After doing a lot of research, I stumbled upon a plan that promised fast sleep results and we started immediately.  The plan I chose did not provide a lot of one-on-one support - which I probably could have benefited from looking back - but it worked and changed our lives.  We started feeling like ourselves again and were able to give our daughter the best version of ourselves.  It’s truly amazing what the right amount of sleep can do for your overall well being. The sleep training process was so  inspiring that I started educating myself further and sharing my knowledge with close friends and family.  My husband was the one who said, “Britt I think you need to be doing this for a living”, and he was right.  This is exactly where I need to be.  Guiding and coaching parents through nighttime struggles, getting them the rest they deserve while providing one-on-one support through customized sleep programs, that work!  












At The Slumber Nest I believe in a personal approach to sleep coaching.  The methods I recommend are all research-based and tailored to meet the needs of you and your child.  Using the information provided in your phone consultation and intake form, I will develop a customized sleep program that will allow you to feel emotionally connected with your child every step of the way.  My goal is to teach your infant or toddler how to fall asleep independently, with very little crying.  Although I can't promise a tear-free experience, I can ensure your little one is receiving TLC throughout the entire process.  It is very typical for my clients to see positive changes in their child's sleep habits within a day or two, and most are falling asleep independently in just three days or less.  This sounds amazing right?  Now, as with everything, there is effort involved to reach your goals, but I promise if you put in the work, you will see the results.  Consistency is key, and if you are willing to commit to one of my sleep programs for 14 days you will have structure, routine, and restful nights back in your life.  Sleep is so important for infant and toddler development, not to mention the mental and physical benefits it will bring to you as a parent.  You will notice a positive change in your child’s mood and overall behavior once they are getting a consistent 11- 12 hours of sleep every night.  I am so excited to get to know you!  And I especially can’t wait to share my professional knowledge in pediatric sleep consulting, while implementing a supportive sleep method that is right for you, your child and your family.  

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