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Creating the Perfect Environment for Sleep!

Even before sleep training, there are many things you can do to promote sleep in your little ones! Believe it

or not, your baby’s sleep environment plays a huge role in their ability to sleep long stretches! Here are a

few things to keep in mind when setting up your baby’s sleep environment.


Having your little one sleep in an environment that is completely dark will help both daytime and night

time sleep. A dark sleep space will help with your little one’s circadian rhythm and can help prevent

wakeups. Even the tiniest amount of light can stimulate the brain and prevent your baby from falling asleep

or from falling back asleep if they wake up during a nap or through out the night.

Ideally, your baby’s room will be completely dark for all sleep. You shouldn’t even be able to see your

hand in front of you when you put them down! Complete darkness can be achieved with black out blinds

and blackout curtains. If you want to test out this theory before investing in a more permanent solution, you

can even use tinfoil and tape temporarily!

If you are looking for a way to create a dark space while travelling, away from home or while room

sharing, The SlumberPod is a fantastic option! Use code theslumbernest if you are ready to make the investment or visit to learn about our rental program if you want to test it out before buying!

White Noise

We typically recommend using white noise for both day and night time sleep. During those early newborn

days, white noise can be helpful because it mimics the sounds heard in the womb. As your baby grows,

white noise continues to be helpful to block out environmental noise that could wake them or prevent them

from falling asleep, especially if you’re dealing with early morning wakings. White noise is also helpful to

calm newborns, decrease crying, initiate sleep faster and it can serve as a cue that sleep time is


Your baby’s white noise should be consistent and continuous through out the entire sleep duration. It is

recommended that the noise machine be 7ft away from your baby’s crib and no louder than 50 decibels. If

you are concerned about the volume, download a decibel meter app, put your phone in your baby’s sleep

space, turn on the sound machine and see what the app says! Many parents find it helpful to place the sound

machine between the baby’s crib and the external noise and if you are struggling with external noises (other

kids, getting ready in the morning, dog barking, etc.) waking your child, you can even try putting an

additional sound machine outside your baby’s door!

Sleep Space

We recommend that you follow the guidelines for safe sleep. Your little one should be in a sleep space with

a firm and flat mattress with a tight fitting sheet. Your baby’s crib should be free of any pillows, stuffies or

any other objects until they are at least one year old.

As your little one gets older and starts showing sings of being able to climb out of their crib, it is important

to ensure that their sleep space is safe should they escape the boundaries of their crib. This means that plugs

should be covered, cords should eliminated or covered and furniture should be safely secured to the walls.

Sleep Attire

If your baby is less than 4 months old and not yet rolling, we typically suggest using a swaddle for both

naps and nights. Swaddling can help calm your baby to initiate sleep quicker and can also serve as a cue

that sleep is approaching.

When your little is showing signs of rolling, it’s time to stop swaddling. We recommend switching to a

sleep sack. The sleep sack eliminates the need for your little one to use a blanket, can serve as a sleepy cue

and can even help prevent your child from climbing out of their crib!


The ideal temperature for infant and toddler sleep is 68-72 ° F.

If you’ve already checked of all the boxes to create the perfect sleep environment for your little one and are

still struggling to achieve longer stretches of sleep, please reach out! We would be more than happy to help

set your little one up for great sleep success!

- Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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