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Are you struggling with postpartum exaustion, and feeling lost and confused when it comes to your newborns daytime and nighttime schedule?  Please remember you are not alone, and The Slumber Nest is here to get you through this trying season.  This two-week Newborn Support Program is designed to get you and your family on a structured and flexible daytime and nighttime schedule, helping you feel more confident with feedings, naps, and more for the first 3 months of your child's life.


*Please note: This is not a sleep training program, and is not a guarantee that you won't need to implement sleep training in the future.  This program is designed to help you implement and learn healthy sleep tecniques that will create a consistent schedule and routine for your newborn.


  • Intake form
  • Customized Newborn Guide (includes flexible feeding schedule, naptime & nighttime schedule, and more)
  • 14 days of direct app and chat support
  • Program wrap-up email with a detailed guide on how to continue creating solid sleep foundations and routines going forward.
  • 15% off of any sleep training program


Please book a Free Consultation or email for a customized quote.

The Stork | 0-3 Months

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