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Baby Products I Couldn't Live Without

Prior to having my daughter I felt lost in the world of baby products. You could shop online for hours, and still second guess your choices. I always ended up resorting to Pinterest, and scrolling through mommy blogs to find what other parents recommended. Sixteen months into life with our sweet girl Romy, we have developed a product list of “favorites” that worked for us after lots of trial and error. I want to share this list with you in hopes that it provides a little bit of support while you’re shopping for your baby!


Medela Freestyle Flex 2-phase double electric breast pump: This pump was my lifesaver. I was an exclusive pumper after struggling with latch complications. I found this pump super easy to use, super powerful, and easy to use on the go!

Boppy Original Nursing Pillow: Super comfy for nursing, but also nice to use for support with contact naps! We purchased a cute cover for ours at pottery barn kids!

Frida Mom Labor & Delivery + Postpartum kit: On Amazon is amazing - it comes with everything you need. I recommend the Frida mom brand for all postpartum necessities such as disposable underwear and frozen pads! The hospital will provide some to you, but I brought my own which I was super happy about, and it’s nice to have them for when you get home too. I had a c-section, so regular underwear was not an option for a while.

Knix Brand: For leak proof underwear and nursing bras are amazing! Definitely a necessity! Their return policy is fantastic as well if you aren't sure of your size.

H&M Nursing Tank Tops: Comfy & affordable! I loved nursing tanks and wore them more often than a nursing bra. It was nice to have some belly support!

Able Life Bedside Extend-a-rail: For c-section mamas! It slides under your mattress and gives you support to lift yourself up from your bed for the first 6 weeks!


Halo Innovations Bassinest Swivel Sleeper: This is the bassinet we used! I had it right beside my bed. Our bed is really high and this one adjusted to the height of our bed which was handy for night feeds!

Babyletto Scoot 3-in-1 Convertible Crib: This crib is super stylish and great! We love it, and will probably buy another one for our second baby! (wayfair)

Kullen Ikea Dresser: This dresser is super affordable, and comes in three different colours. I love this dresser, because of the height. We placed a change pad on top of the dresser and it was a perfect height for changing our daughter!

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine: A great sound machine that grows with baby into toddler years. Can be used as a toddler clock, and can be run through the app on your iphone! Super handy!

Rohm Portable Sound Machine: The best travel sound machine. We got so much use out of this during car time, walks, grocery shopping and more!

Nanit Baby Monitor: We really love our Nanit Baby monitor! We had purchased a bluetooth one originally and switched to this. It is wifi, but also runs without wifi - you can check in on your baby from anywhere! If someone is babysitting, you can check in on your baby at any time! I went to Nashville for a bachelorette party, and left my daughter for the first time, and it was soooo reassuring to have this so I could check in on her while I was away.

Levolor Cellular Blackout Blinds: We had ours pre-cut at lowes! They do it right there for you - super quick and easy. We also have black out curtains over top from pottery barn kids. The room can never be too dark! This is key for great little sleepers!

Dream Art Portable Black out Blinds: Super handy for travel and suction cup to any window! I highly recommend

Halo Innovations Sleepsack Swaddle: These were the best! They come in cotton, or fleece, and are perfect for preemies, & newborns up to 4 months of age! Transitioning from one of these is great too, because it also acts as a sleep sack!

Copper & Pearl Swaddle Blankets: The SOFTEST material ever, and so stretchy making swaddling super easy!

Kyte Baby Sleep Sack: Also, the SOFTEST material, durable, and totally worth the price. We used these from 4 months of age until now! I have one tog 2.0 for cooler nights at the cottage, and in the winter months, but most of the time we use the tog 1.0.

Fave Sleeper Brands: Kyte baby, Mebie Baby, Little Sleepies, Costco brand & Zippy Jamz

Dr. Browns: Bottles and sterilizer are wonderful!

Baby Brezza: For formula fed babes is a MUST!

Formula: Enfamil A+

Bibs Pacifiers: Pacifiers are unique for everyone. We tried quite a few, and these were Romy's Favourite! They sell them everywhere, but we get ours from Amazon!


Stroller System: We have the Uppa-Baby Vista Model. Watch for sales on these at They are known to be “more expensive” but honestly they aren’t THAT much more than other brands. This model comes with a bassinet, up-right stroller seat, it has a huge storage area in the bottom, it folds up so easy, and it can be converted for up to 3 babies!

Infant Car Seat: Nuna pipa lite - This carseat is feather light, and sooo worth it. We bought the adapters for our stroller system, and it clipped right on with no issues at all!

Baby Bjorn Carrier: Find this on Amazon, Its great for newborn - toddler age!

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Seat: Romy had so many great naps in this! It can sit at your feet while you’re outside and you can gently rock it with your foot, and your newborn will nap soundly!! Its super convenient to travel with as well, and folds up really easy!

4-moms MamaRoo: Life saver!

I hope this list gives you some guidance, and peace of mind when deciding on baby necessities. These items all worked really well for us, but they may not work for others! You will find out what works for you and your baby as you grow and learn more about one another. Enjoy this time, and make it fun! I will continue to add more to this list as more items pop up that we grow to love. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about any of these products!

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